The Cure To PTSD?

mental healthBeing a survivor of many things from gastroschisis, rape, being molested at a young age, religious trauma, childhood abuse…. I can tell you stress disorders is a hellish bitch. But I cannot speak for all survivors. There are levels of this hell on Earth that are so dark and deep that it is seemingly impossible to help those people get out … til now.  Now that more of the stigma is broken, we are beginning to understand what happens to the body when a traumatic event occurs to a living being and what we can do to not only prevent it, but reverse it. Recent research points to the adrenal glands and the nervous system. The two major components that are often triggered when stress induced situations occur. Refueling and focusing on healing these systems can deplenish the adverse affects of PTSD and create a stronger more aware human being. As they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Consulting with healthcare professionals can help you on your healing path. Some things that they may suggest are:

  1. Flushing the adrenals glands with a good Vitamin B complex.
  2. Cardio exercises to balance out the serotonin and dopamine chemicals in the brain.
  3.  A diet that fits your needs to create equilibruim in the body
  4. Creating harmony and balance in the home to help calm the mind with a safe, comforting place.
  5. Most PTSD sufferers can benefit from Lithium Orotate, a natural mineral first found in the natural hot springs in northern Europe, that help reverse the craving for mass consumption of alcohol, and create more circulation and repair for congnitive thinking.
  6. REM Sleep & Therapy also helps with circulating that part of the brain, helping to reconnect to emotions and releasing trapped feelings.
  7. Friendly Support is also helpful, being around people who understand you and to give you what you need .
  8. Understanding your triggers, asking yourself is it good? Is it true? And try to only believe in what’s good and what’s true to help create an imprint to prevent an episode as much as possible.
  9. Forgive. There is a logical explaination for everything. The more you can forgive and understand the fault is with no one, then the more we can see clearly to find solutions and fix the issue at hand.

I hope this little blog piece gave you some peace as it did for me, and may you find health, happiness, and love on your path and remember for more help and health, consult in your incredible therapists and healthcare providers and make an appointment with them today.

Cortney ❁ Daughter of a war veteran.


Curing Racism



These are my theories that I believe, are a forward movement to help end racism.

In honor of Black History Month, I’ve decided this would be the perfect oppurtunity to get to know our enemy in order to defeat it well & thoroughly. To those who have sense we all know it’s wrong, it’s very clear in the way it’s polluted our economy, community, and desire to move forward. This is for everyone. Let’s heal so we can see clearly.

So what is racism? “Racism n. the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” As defined by Bing. It is a pretense that caters to those who have no sense. Either a blind mental disease that was fed to vulnerable children or was grown by paranoia, blinding our judgement by a harming reality.

The first is people who were raised racist. These are the people that, I believe, are the most easiest ones to help see how wrong their perspectives are. There are two ways I believe we can cure this one. 1) Showing them the positive culture of other countries 2) Showing them the abilities all races have that are good and intelligent.

The second are people who have experienced very hard and uncoping realities that have steered their minds to misjudge an individual because of it’s similarites to the ones that have harmed and scarred them. There are three ways I believe that we can cure this one. 1) Good Therapy. This can, not only help with racism issues, but also sexism and biasm. 2) Healthy eats and or medicines that caters to rebuilding burnt out organs, such as the adrenals, and supporting the nervous system. This helps those who have been affected to keep their mind’s sharp and focused on reality in order to problem solve and judge correctly. 3) Reprogramming the punishment and reward part of their mind’s. Anyone who does bad should be punished in a way they know they did wrong, like anyone who does good should be rewarded in a way they know they did good. This helps to keep things organized and to motivate ourselves to know the consequences and rewards of truly good deeds and truly bad ones.

I hope this inspires you to not blame those who are clearly lost and damaged, but to continue to love yourself and where you come from, also to help others see the beauty in differences and cultures in our world.

“Believe in what is good, true, and useful.”





Why Black Lives Matter

It has come to my attention that the movement Black Lives Matter is both a saving grace and a controversial discussion. Growing up in the south it can be difficult to be raised in an ugly society that thinks that a bad personality is in the color of someone’s skin. That is so far from the truth, which makes the Black Lives Matter Movement in the winning territory. Now why do Black Lives Matter? It’s clear and obvious for some but to others let me make you try to understand, if you are capable of it. Ancestors from Africa is not a crime. The color of a person’s skin is an evolutionary beauty. It’s darkness is a protection from the sun, a complex from their diets. It is our most innocent element. Yet in certain places in America, such as the Bible Belt they try to use our most innocent element against us. The traits of a human being is a gem. It is a precious family trait left for us to remind us where we came from. Our land, our beliefs, our community. Racism and bigotry in society is our toxic downfall. Yet it cannot be found in a person’s skin, facial features, or outer wear, because our evolutionary makeup is not to blame. Racism and bigotry is not just a mental sickness it’s also being shallow, undisciplined, the product from a bad human being. A life’s personality comes from the frontal lobe of the brain and when unexercised & in a constant state of stress it’s inevitable that we will see bad judgement & discrimination. Something that is unfortunately found in all life forms, not just humans. So again why do Black Lives Matter? Because too many times people have misjudged and accused innocent Black people of crimes just because of what they look like, a shallow ordeal that they have dealt with since the 1600’s. The innocence in the color of their skin has been ridiculed, condemned, blamed for a unruly behavior. And yet we don’t condemn the racists who have falsely accused them. Too many times we see unjustified behavior from law enforcement. We need to ask ourselves if we were to put ourselves in that black man’s, woman’s, boy’s, girl’s shoes would we have deserved it then? Many ignorant people will ask if Black Lives Matter why do we see black on black crimes? To even ask such a question is how much ignorance we have not dealt with and condemned yet. Their crimes is not because they were black. Their crimes were because they were bad people. Look at what it takes to be a bad person. Because if you think it’s in the color of a person’s skin then you are so unsafe in your world. What makes someone good and someone bad, it all comes from the same place. When a person does not care for themselves or are not cared for correctly, you will find that they become toxic, the rational thinking part in their brain becomes destroyed and they start to make bad decisions and start doing bad things. This is what we call a bad person and because every person has a brain, anyone is capable of being one, unfortunately. When a person cares for themselves & is cared for, such as health, healing, removing themselves from toxic people and environments, creating good, etc they are more easily inclined to making better decisions and doing good things. And because everyone has a brain, everyone is capable of being one, fortunately. The Black Lives Matter Movement is not only about the focus to uplifting Black people but also removing the shame and guilt that others have put on the innocence of their skin tone. So Black lives absolutely do matter, they always have mattered. Anyone who is capable of love knows this, anyone who isn’t, well, they’re on no one’s side, not even their own.





How to Condemn Christian Bigots & Extremists

First let’s start with the 1st Amendment and what that means in America.

  1. U.S. Constitution from Cornell Law Education

First Amendment

The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition.  It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices.  It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely.  It also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peaceably and to petition their government.
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Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Which means here in a America there is NO supreme religion in any of the 50 states. ANYONE who talks down to you/ persecutes an innocent and good you in any way using their religion is stepping on your rights here in America, that is called discrimination / extremism / bigotry. All of those has NO place on our soil, yet we still have to fight against that on the main lands to keep people in their place and to help our country to grow as a positive cultural accepting place for ALL nations. Yes anyone can believe in whatever they want to believe. They can adopt different beliefs, deny different beliefs, they can completely deny religion as a whole. Yet anyone who persecutes you verbally or physically because you’re choosing what’s best for you is not only unpatriotic but also deserves condemnation. Which takes us to this list:

  1. Leave. Is it at a workplace? A church/ sanctuary? Leave those places. Your absence is a bolder step than you think. You’re leaving with your money, skills, & livelihood. This will help others to follow in your footsteps as a “WE DO NOT SUPPORT BIGOTRY” in every step that you take.
  2. Get the authorites involved. If you know or suspect a child is being abused or neglected because of an extremist faith via the child has come out to their parents or the child is sick or being verbally and physically assalted then call the authorities. No child deserves to be abused. Give them a chance at a better life, and get someone in there to pull them out of that abusive home. And no, God is not coming to “save them”, be a good responsible adult and take the right action.
  3. Go where they are and fight with good wit. A good example is this woman that had fought pro-life Christian extremists with an enduring homemade poster thanking Planned Parenthood for helping her with her yeast infections. Also a good way to fight off bigotted Christian street preachers is either to ignore them, tell them false prophets get thrown into the lake of fire, or tell them they are affecting their first amendment right to believe in whatever even if it’s nothing at all.
  4. Support good & wholesome churches, organizations, and societies. People who ACTUALLY DO GOOD THINGS for the goodness of mankind and our planet DESERVE OUR SUPPORT  Anyone who has a transparent charity with good reviews, support them! Freedom From Religion Foundation has a great charity and also backing up organizations with a like wise mindset will  help fight off all types of discrimination, like here in the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  5. For those in head of a religious or non- religious organization. Condemn those that claim that specific belief or non-belief when they behave badly. What you hear on the news about these overly zealous people or even down the street, someone & something has affected them with a very toxic belief. It is coming from somewhere and it is moreso yours and everyone’s responsibilty to correct them before they harm again, kill again, or assist in a suicide again.

I hope this inspires you to fight the good fight and win back the freedom that we all long and deserve. & Remember all good actions count no matter how small they may seem. Great things are here and on its way because of the people before us, with us, and in our future. And so I thank you all for the passion, drive, and solutions. Thank you.


The Difference Between A Good Person & A Gold Digger


Being a person who is considered attractive is a blessing. It really is. Anybody can be beautiful, I can say that with confidence. Because all it takes is loving yourself. Yet there is a pretty big difference between being attractive & looking attractive. Any person with a good sense of judgement can tell the difference. But those who need a little reminding here’s a close look at how you can protect yourself & choose the right person for your life.

  1. A good person knows what they need to build a good relationship vs. a gold digger that is just there for the benefits.
  2. A good person knows how to budget and organize their finances, a gold digger likely does not.
  3. A good person cares moderately how much money you make, because they know that even millionaires can go bankrupt if they can’t handle their money responsibly. A gold digger cares too much.
  4. A good person has beauty on the inside out and uses it to shine light onto others. A gold digger is only beautiful on the outside with nothing to shine through them.
  5. A good person cares about the most important things, a gold digger cares about petty ones.
  6. And finally a good person will LOVE YOU truly while a gold digger wouldn’t know how to.

In conclusion, gold diggers & good people will come in all shapes, genders, and sizes. The difference is in the health of their judgements and the desperation in their lives. Anybody who is ever that desperate does need help mentally and financially, but they don’t ever need to be in a relationship. They need love. We all do and we can give that to each other without jepordizing our lives by getting involved with toxic people. You have to love yourself or you’ll end up loving the wrong way and the wrong kind of people.

Take care,


Let’s Talk About That: Intrusive Thoughts


As uncomfortable as it is, we need to talk about things like this for the sole purpose of solving the issue. Now to better educate people on what it is here is a very well-written article by Dr. Martin Seif.

The Triggers:  I have suffered from intrusive thoughts since I was 16, sometimes they can be so debilitating that did not want to be around anyone in fear that I might hurt an innocent person or animal. When I was 23, I started to live on my own and with the major stress that I endured the IT’s (Intrusive thoughts) got even worse. Any sort of anguish is a trigger for me, such as a bad memory of abuse, an oppressing belief, or an abusive action itself. I could wake up one morning and be fine then during the afternoon or evening have a panic and or anxiety about the horrible uncontrollable images in my head… until I read this article .

What I Did About It:  Although Lithium Orotate has changed my life for the better, for me it wasn’t enough. A good diet, meditating, and exercise wasn’t enough. I still had ITs, although not everyday like I used to before all the things listed above, but from time to time it would sneak up on me and it was frustrating to say the least. After dealing with an increase of anxiety and low self esteem, I looked for a cure and that’s when I found the article above. Also struggling with Candida I decided to try Coconut oil orally as a medicinal remedy on top of my daily health rountine. Today is Day One with a spoonful of coconut oil, and how much of a difference it has made. I feel like I could focus and write better. Talk to people without struggling or feeling guilty about being/feeling awkward around them. More control and power over myself and my thoughts. One spoonful of it, that’s all. Everything feels so much more peaceful.

In conclusion, there is a cure for everything when you search for them in the right places, such as in Google & keep loving yourself, you are worth it.


In Health,  Cortney


A State of Being: Meditating


To start this off, I used to hate with a passion when people told me “just meditate, it’ll make you feel better.” And from a realistic stand point, there was no just this or that. There was a whole lot more to my healing path than “just meditate.” Meditation is such an ancient practice, shouldn’t it come naturally, I used to think. And maybe it does. Maybe it comes naturally to healthier minds, but for me? I wouldn’t count on it. Much later though, it came to me that I should just be and from there I could see why people mediated in an empty & quiet space. Where it’s just you and the Earth. Because that sh*t makes you look crazy. When you just let yourself be, sometimes your eyes start shifting and your body twitches, like you almost look like you’re possessed. You are at your most vulnerable state where you are resting & making space for the circulation of your brain, you’re clearing your mind to see yourself again. Sometimes you’ll see your own demons but don’t worry, they’re just afraid because you’re doing something good for yourself and they don’t know what to do with all that care that you’re giving yourself again. Now for me, before meditating, I had to take some Lith. Oro. or some flaxseed oil to help the scar tissue & anxiety. My way is a little unorthodoxed, I would meditate while laying in my bed before I go to sleep or when I woke up.  This just helped me to meditate without any disturbances. I would hear cracks and pops coming from behind my eyes and down the back of my scalp and by the end of my meditation it felt like  something had poured a cool glass of water through my head & down my body. After that, it’s become sort of an addiction of mine to meditate.

In conclusion, I’d say give it a try. See if this is for you. Your body is waiting for you to let go so it can repair itself.  In my personal experience, this is just one good way your body does it.

In Health,

Cortney L. Brown LMT

Being A Massage Therapist Who So Happens To Be Half-Asian

profile pic

I love my career, yet being a Massage Therapist who just so happens to be half asian or looks asian can stir up some negative generalizations from not so very good people. Yes, I am part Asian descent. Yes, I am a Massage Professional. No, I am not a prostitute. Yes, we do exist. Out of all the help and health care that I do in my profession, that is the one thing that I do not like, the ugly stereotypes. It’s, quite frankly, a very nasty feeling when ignorant people think of you as something that you are not. It’s bad in general to believe in these types of things. Things we call racism and bigotry. Something we probably don’t mean to do, but never the less it’s still the wrong way to think about someone, especially a healthcare professional. I believe it’s safe to say that bad people are bad people. It’s not because of their race, gender, occupation, facial structures, what have you, but it’s simply because a bad person is a bad person. What Medical Science is now discovering a disease that stems from the prefrontal cortex of the brain that controls judgement, rational thought, and positive thinking. Being a Medical Massage Therapist I have helped hundreds of people in my career from Engineers that help launch space rockets, War Heros that fought for our country’s freedom to stressed out Mothers & Fathers who just needs a break because I am a good person. That’s what a good person naturally does is they help people who need it. So please, before you judge someone make sure it’s not a negative generalization or stereotype. In order for our society to advance and grow it’s something we need to let go of.

In Regards,

Cortney L. Brown FSC & LMT #4217

@Panacea: Feng Shui & Medical Massage

Facing My Biggest Fear : Failure


I’ve often heard from the many greats that once you start feeding into your successful potential, people will try to drag you down while you begin to rise up, they will have false accusations against you, and many people will hate you because they sense something great within you that they don’t yet have, or unfortunatley haven’t seen in them. Yet my biggest fear is not facing them, it is failing myself. I’ve seen it so often in my realm that I am afraid that, that is what will become of me. Then logic sets in and I am telling myself again and again that there is a logical explaination for everything. He was this way because he gave up on himself, she was that way because she began to give more to him and less to herself. There are a million and one reasons why people begin to fail and the ultimate one is that they have forgotten to Love themselves. I have tried to give people, once a upon a time, all that I have because I could not stand to see people begin to fall. Then I learned that I do not have the proper tools to help them out of their monstrosity, so I had to do what’s best for me, and let them go. I’ve learned that whatever it is that I cannot care for and have not chosen to then it is not my business. But I learned that it will always be My Own Business to care for myself, because you cannot depend on others when they have their own lives to lead. That is what growing up is all about. Learning that “life without love is no life at all.” -Leonardo da Vinci

Including your own. And in knowing that, you will never fail.


My Perspective Vs. Theirs

be yourself

I’ve experienced quite a few things but like the title of this blog “they” would only see a pretty face and not a whole Life behind it. Words can be beautiful, full of therapy and imagination, love. Things that just needed to be said. Words of the opposite sort, however, loses it’s meaning and definition in the world and goes down with the immoral judgements of it’s owner.

What I see verses theirs is too common of a battle in my life, in many, I believe. Too often do I see oppression in our society. Too afraid to speak the truth, to speak what’s right, to be themselves, and to LOVE OURSELVES, to listen to what the realities are really saying.

I see so much evil & confusion in people that they themselves are righteously blind of it. So when I speak the truth they cannot grasp a word, the definition that I am speaking. They are so lost in their own inferno they have lost sight of what a real Life even looks like.

When I see church people and listen to them speak all I see is over 500 years of oppression. Their ancestors, as far back as Jesus Christ, have been oppressed by lies and were punished for thinking freely because that is not their god’s way. We learned about it during Monarchy times & see it during ours in the Democratic.

The lesson was to think for yourself, it always has been. During the most oppressed times there were people like Buddha, Yeshua, Muhammad, Soloman Northup, Harriet Tubman, and Martin Luther King Jr. amoung many others that have risked their very lives to show people a true path: to think, to love, and to deliver yourselves out of evil. They were not the popular amoung the oppressed but in doing what they did changed the way the man, woman, & child thought.

For those that say no, you have to be Christian, Catholic, Muslim or whatever! They couldn’t have been more wrong. With dogma and no Freedom to Think, they will continue to twist a healthy view of the world to keep people under the thumbs of those who are too scared & lost to see the world for how it really works. In doing so, they do not know the way, the truth, and the life. Those people will never see it til someone takes the responsibility to save them. In hopes that history does not repeat itself to make people think it was a god that saved people, but it was simply the goodness in life, in humanity. Finally thinking again, loving and loving ourselves again, being ourselves again and breathing in Life again. It is never too late to change yourself to be good again.

Til then we have to admit to ourselves, what are we so afraid of?  Think.