7 Ways To Combat Stress & Relax!


  1. Massage and Pressure Points. Boosting more circulation in the body relieves stress and tension caused by pain and over work.



2. At least 5 Minutes of Yoga and Cardio: This helps to rebalance serotonin and dopamine levels giving you that “feel good” sensation.



aromatherapy83. Aromatherapy. Pleasant, all natural essential oils not only help to clean polluntants in the air but also activates the olfactory nerves stimulating memory, emotion, and feelings of comfort. For affordable real quality essential oils and aromatherapy supplies check out  Jade Bloom.




4. Eating a rich and clean diet. This helps you to feel cleaner and more energized caused by better digestion flow and better immunity by increasing equilibrium in the body.




5. Financial Stability. The Automatic Millionaire chart by David Bach can show you that sometimes it’s all about organizing and tracking your fun money expenses. Take a look in his book ” The Automatic Millionaire” today! Found at your local library and book stores.




6. Make a Magnesium Oil spray. Just a few of the many benefits of magnesium oil is improved sleep, relaxation, and decrease mental anxiety. For this easy recipe, click on the link.




7. Feng Shui! Being a feng shui consultant I can tell you in a nutshell what it’s all really about. Positive imagination, good energy flow, and decorating with nature. Look here for free advice @Panacea: Feng Shui & Medical Massage


Hope this has given you much insight and motivation! Cheers to creating your little heaven on Earth.



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