Curing Racism



These are my theories that I believe, are a forward movement to help end racism.

In honor of Black History Month, I’ve decided this would be the perfect oppurtunity to get to know our enemy in order to defeat it well & thoroughly. To those who have sense we all know it’s wrong, it’s very clear in the way it’s polluted our economy, community, and desire to move forward. This is for everyone. Let’s heal so we can see clearly.

So what is racism? “Racism n. the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” As defined by Bing. It is a pretense that caters to those who have no sense. Either a blind mental disease that was fed to vulnerable children or was grown by paranoia, blinding our judgement by a harming reality.

The first is people who were raised racist. These are the people that, I believe, are the most easiest ones to help see how wrong their perspectives are. There are two ways I believe we can cure this one. 1) Showing them the positive culture of other countries 2) Showing them the abilities all races have that are good and intelligent.

The second are people who have experienced very hard and uncoping realities that have steered their minds to misjudge an individual because of it’s similarites to the ones that have harmed and scarred them. There are three ways I believe that we can cure this one. 1) Good Therapy. This can, not only help with racism issues, but also sexism and biasm. 2) Healthy eats and or medicines that caters to rebuilding burnt out organs, such as the adrenals, and supporting the nervous system. This helps those who have been affected to keep their mind’s sharp and focused on reality in order to problem solve and judge correctly. 3) Reprogramming the punishment and reward part of their mind’s. Anyone who does bad should be punished in a way they know they did wrong, like anyone who does good should be rewarded in a way they know they did good. This helps to keep things organized and to motivate ourselves to know the consequences and rewards of truly good deeds and truly bad ones.

I hope this inspires you to not blame those who are clearly lost and damaged, but to continue to love yourself and where you come from, also to help others see the beauty in differences and cultures in our world.

“Believe in what is good, true, and useful.”






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