Why Black Lives Matter

It has come to my attention that the movement Black Lives Matter is both a saving grace and a controversial discussion. Growing up in the south it can be difficult to be raised in an ugly society that thinks that a bad personality is in the color of someone’s skin. That is so far from the truth, which makes the Black Lives Matter Movement in the winning territory. Now why do Black Lives Matter? It’s clear and obvious for some but to others let me make you try to understand, if you are capable of it. Ancestors from Africa is not a crime. The color of a person’s skin is an evolutionary beauty. It’s darkness is a protection from the sun, a complex from their diets. It is our most innocent element. Yet in certain places in America, such as the Bible Belt they try to use our most innocent element against us. The traits of a human being is a gem. It is a precious family trait left for us to remind us where we came from. Our land, our beliefs, our community. Racism and bigotry in society is our toxic downfall. Yet it cannot be found in a person’s skin, facial features, or outer wear, because our evolutionary makeup is not to blame. Racism and bigotry is not just a mental sickness it’s also being shallow, undisciplined, the product from a bad human being. A life’s personality comes from the frontal lobe of the brain and when unexercised & in a constant state of stress it’s inevitable that we will see bad judgement & discrimination. Something that is unfortunately found in all life forms, not just humans. So again why do Black Lives Matter? Because too many times people have misjudged and accused innocent Black people of crimes just because of what they look like, a shallow ordeal that they have dealt with since the 1600’s. The innocence in the color of their skin has been ridiculed, condemned, blamed for a unruly behavior. And yet we don’t condemn the racists who have falsely accused them. Too many times we see unjustified behavior from law enforcement. We need to ask ourselves if we were to put ourselves in that black man’s, woman’s, boy’s, girl’s shoes would we have deserved it then? Many ignorant people will ask if Black Lives Matter why do we see black on black crimes? To even ask such a question is how much ignorance we have not dealt with and condemned yet. Their crimes is not because they were black. Their crimes were because they were bad people. Look at what it takes to be a bad person. Because if you think it’s in the color of a person’s skin then you are so unsafe in your world. What makes someone good and someone bad, it all comes from the same place. When a person does not care for themselves or are not cared for correctly, you will find that they become toxic, the rational thinking part in their brain becomes destroyed and they start to make bad decisions and start doing bad things. This is what we call a bad person and because every person has a brain, anyone is capable of being one, unfortunately. When a person cares for themselves & is cared for, such as health, healing, removing themselves from toxic people and environments, creating good, etc they are more easily inclined to making better decisions and doing good things. And because everyone has a brain, everyone is capable of being one, fortunately. The Black Lives Matter Movement is not only about the focus to uplifting Black people but also removing the shame and guilt that others have put on the innocence of their skin tone. So Black lives absolutely do matter, they always have mattered. Anyone who is capable of love knows this, anyone who isn’t, well, they’re on no one’s side, not even their own.






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