The Difference Between A Good Person & A Gold Digger


Being a person who is considered attractive is a blessing. It really is. Anybody can be beautiful, I can say that with confidence. Because all it takes is loving yourself. Yet there is a pretty big difference between being attractive & looking attractive. Any person with a good sense of judgement can tell the difference. But those who need a little reminding here’s a close look at how you can protect yourself & choose the right person for your life.

  1. A good person knows what they need to build a good relationship vs. a gold digger that is just there for the benefits.
  2. A good person knows how to budget and organize their finances, a gold digger likely does not.
  3. A good person cares moderately how much money you make, because they know that even millionaires can go bankrupt if they can’t handle their money responsibly. A gold digger cares too much.
  4. A good person has beauty on the inside out and uses it to shine light onto others. A gold digger is only beautiful on the outside with nothing to shine through them.
  5. A good person cares about the most important things, a gold digger cares about petty ones.
  6. And finally a good person will LOVE YOU truly while a gold digger wouldn’t know how to.

In conclusion, gold diggers & good people will come in all shapes, genders, and sizes. The difference is in the health of their judgements and the desperation in their lives. Anybody who is ever that desperate does need help mentally and financially, but they don’t ever need to be in a relationship. They need love. We all do and we can give that to each other without jepordizing our lives by getting involved with toxic people. You have to love yourself or you’ll end up loving the wrong way and the wrong kind of people.

Take care,



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