Let’s Talk About That: Intrusive Thoughts


As uncomfortable as it is, we need to talk about things like this for the sole purpose of solving the issue. Now to better educate people on what it is here is a very well-written article by Dr. Martin Seif.  http://www.drmartinseif.com/resources/intrusive-thoughts.html

The Triggers:  I have suffered from intrusive thoughts since I was 16, sometimes they can be so debilitating that did not want to be around anyone in fear that I might hurt an innocent person or animal. When I was 23, I started to live on my own and with the major stress that I endured the IT’s (Intrusive thoughts) got even worse. Any sort of anguish is a trigger for me, such as a bad memory of abuse, an oppressing belief, or an abusive action itself. I could wake up one morning and be fine then during the afternoon or evening have a panic and or anxiety about the horrible uncontrollable images in my head… until I read this article  http://www.health-science-spirit.com/mentaldisease.html .

What I Did About It:  Although Lithium Orotate has changed my life for the better, for me it wasn’t enough. A good diet, meditating, and exercise wasn’t enough. I still had ITs, although not everyday like I used to before all the things listed above, but from time to time it would sneak up on me and it was frustrating to say the least. After dealing with an increase of anxiety and low self esteem, I looked for a cure and that’s when I found the article above. Also struggling with Candida I decided to try Coconut oil orally as a medicinal remedy on top of my daily health rountine. Today is Day One with a spoonful of coconut oil, and how much of a difference it has made. I feel like I could focus and write better. Talk to people without struggling or feeling guilty about being/feeling awkward around them. More control and power over myself and my thoughts. One spoonful of it, that’s all. Everything feels so much more peaceful.

In conclusion, there is a cure for everything when you search for them in the right places, such as in Google & keep loving yourself, you are worth it.


In Health,  Cortney



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