A State of Being: Meditating


To start this off, I used to hate with a passion when people told me “just meditate, it’ll make you feel better.” And from a realistic stand point, there was no just this or that. There was a whole lot more to my healing path than “just meditate.” Meditation is such an ancient practice, shouldn’t it come naturally, I used to think. And maybe it does. Maybe it comes naturally to healthier minds, but for me? I wouldn’t count on it. Much later though, it came to me that I should just be and from there I could see why people mediated in an empty & quiet space. Where it’s just you and the Earth. Because that sh*t makes you look crazy. When you just let yourself be, sometimes your eyes start shifting and your body twitches, like you almost look like you’re possessed. You are at your most vulnerable state where you are resting & making space for the circulation of your brain, you’re clearing your mind to see yourself again. Sometimes you’ll see your own demons but don’t worry, they’re just afraid because you’re doing something good for yourself and they don’t know what to do with all that care that you’re giving yourself again. Now for me, before meditating, I had to take some Lith. Oro. or some flaxseed oil to help the scar tissue & anxiety. My way is a little unorthodoxed, I would meditate while laying in my bed before I go to sleep or when I woke up.  This just helped me to meditate without any disturbances. I would hear cracks and pops coming from behind my eyes and down the back of my scalp and by the end of my meditation it felt like  something had poured a cool glass of water through my head & down my body. After that, it’s become sort of an addiction of mine to meditate.

In conclusion, I’d say give it a try. See if this is for you. Your body is waiting for you to let go so it can repair itself.  In my personal experience, this is just one good way your body does it.

In Health,

Cortney L. Brown LMT


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