Being A Massage Therapist Who So Happens To Be Half-Asian

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I love my career, yet being a Massage Therapist who just so happens to be half asian or looks asian can stir up some negative generalizations from not so very good people. Yes, I am part Asian descent. Yes, I am a Massage Professional. No, I am not a prostitute. Yes, we do exist. Out of all the help and health care that I do in my profession, that is the one thing that I do not like, the ugly stereotypes. It’s, quite frankly, a very nasty feeling when ignorant people think of you as something that you are not. It’s bad in general to believe in these types of things. Things we call racism and bigotry. Something we probably don’t mean to do, but never the less it’s still the wrong way to think about someone, especially a healthcare professional. I believe it’s safe to say that bad people are bad people. It’s not because of their race, gender, occupation, facial structures, what have you, but it’s simply because a bad person is a bad person. What Medical Science is now discovering a disease that stems from the prefrontal cortex of the brain that controls judgement, rational thought, and positive thinking. Being a Medical Massage Therapist I have helped hundreds of people in my career from Engineers that help launch space rockets, War Heros that fought for our country’s freedom to stressed out Mothers & Fathers who just needs a break because I am a good person. That’s what a good person naturally does is they help people who need it. So please, before you judge someone make sure it’s not a negative generalization or stereotype. In order for our society to advance and grow it’s something we need to let go of.

In Regards,

Cortney L. Brown FSC & LMT #4217

@Panacea: Feng Shui & Medical Massage


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