Facing My Biggest Fear : Failure


I’ve often heard from the many greats that once you start feeding into your successful potential, people will try to drag you down while you begin to rise up, they will have false accusations against you, and many people will hate you because they sense something great within you that they don’t yet have, or unfortunatley haven’t seen in them. Yet my biggest fear is not facing them, it is failing myself. I’ve seen it so often in my realm that I am afraid that, that is what will become of me. Then logic sets in and I am telling myself again and again that there is a logical explaination for everything. He was this way because he gave up on himself, she was that way because she began to give more to him and less to herself. There are a million and one reasons why people begin to fail and the ultimate one is that they have forgotten to Love themselves. I have tried to give people, once a upon a time, all that I have because I could not stand to see people begin to fall. Then I learned that I do not have the proper tools to help them out of their monstrosity, so I had to do what’s best for me, and let them go. I’ve learned that whatever it is that I cannot care for and have not chosen to then it is not my business. But I learned that it will always be My Own Business to care for myself, because you cannot depend on others when they have their own lives to lead. That is what growing up is all about. Learning that “life without love is no life at all.” -Leonardo da Vinci

Including your own. And in knowing that, you will never fail.



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