My Perspective Vs. Theirs

be yourself

I’ve experienced quite a few things but like the title of this blog “they” would only see a pretty face and not a whole Life behind it. Words can be beautiful, full of therapy and imagination, love. Things that just needed to be said. Words of the opposite sort, however, loses it’s meaning and definition in the world and goes down with the immoral judgements of it’s owner.

What I see verses theirs is too common of a battle in my life, in many, I believe. Too often do I see oppression in our society. Too afraid to speak the truth, to speak what’s right, to be themselves, and to LOVE OURSELVES, to listen to what the realities are really saying.

I see so much evil & confusion in people that they themselves are righteously blind of it. So when I speak the truth they cannot grasp a word, the definition that I am speaking. They are so lost in their own inferno they have lost sight of what a real Life even looks like.

When I see church people and listen to them speak all I see is over 500 years of oppression. Their ancestors, as far back as Jesus Christ, have been oppressed by lies and were punished for thinking freely because that is not their god’s way. We learned about it during Monarchy times & see it during ours in the Democratic.

The lesson was to think for yourself, it always has been. During the most oppressed times there were people like Buddha, Yeshua, Muhammad, Soloman Northup, Harriet Tubman, and Martin Luther King Jr. amoung many others that have risked their very lives to show people a true path: to think, to love, and to deliver yourselves out of evil. They were not the popular amoung the oppressed but in doing what they did changed the way the man, woman, & child thought.

For those that say no, you have to be Christian, Catholic, Muslim or whatever! They couldn’t have been more wrong. With dogma and no Freedom to Think, they will continue to twist a healthy view of the world to keep people under the thumbs of those who are too scared & lost to see the world for how it really works. In doing so, they do not know the way, the truth, and the life. Those people will never see it til someone takes the responsibility to save them. In hopes that history does not repeat itself to make people think it was a god that saved people, but it was simply the goodness in life, in humanity. Finally thinking again, loving and loving ourselves again, being ourselves again and breathing in Life again. It is never too late to change yourself to be good again.

Til then we have to admit to ourselves, what are we so afraid of?  Think.



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