What I Know In My Heart: Bigoted Gods Never Existed


When anyone gets to know life, we realize it is so cool, awesome, and is truly full of wonder & magic. When you get to know life, it definitely does not suck. And contrary to the belief that a God is somewhere out there or here that will make your life suck if you don’t fit into it’s particular box, fortunately, that God never existed. We can all breathe now.

This God exists only in a bigot’s mind, those that may have claimed Muslim or Christianity or whatever religion that you may have steered away from because of it’s sheer indecency. The almost hilarious part is they’ve been worshipping a false God for hundreds & thousands of years, as if they live and die for nothing. And for the sincere purpose of not crushing any of my friends and families toes, not all Christians and Muslims are indecent. Some are very kind and are motivated to do so because of their religion. So what makes them so different on such a broad spectrum? It’s all about mentality.

Some are raised being taught that this Bigoted Horrible God exists & is somehow better than all of us (quite frankly, it’s not) and if you don’t follow it’s rules in this book or that book, then you will suffer in hell foreveeeerrrr. Hence, the religious stressed paranoia had been born & invaded the vulnerable thoughts and minds of millions of minds for centuries. The ones who believe in this are exactly the same people that give others hell, sometimes on a daily, which is ironic that they think they are the only ones entering the Kingdom of Heaven. In my book, as in the moral judgements of my mind, if you couldn’t even see the wonders in the world, or even in good people, what makes you think you’ll see it in the afterworld?

I do know and believe that there are many beauties & mysteries in life, and many more that we cannot yet see. I try then to keep an honest and open mind so one day I may see many more. Why I believe in levels of life. The more that you may love yourself or care for yourself the happier you will become, resulting in seeing much more magic in the world. Bettering yourself overflows to bettering others and accepting yourself overflows to accepting others and in that we can acheive massive peace on Earth. These are the people we can depend on that do not need an afterlife to be in Heaven, they already are here on Earth. They’ve created it.

In Conclusion, especially for those who are trapped in believing that this Bigoted God exists, do not be too hard on yourself. You’ve already wasted a huge chunk of your life worshipping and believing in an awful god. All in all Love Yourself, and if you don’t know what that means then think about what you really need to do for yourself & do it. Life has been waiting for you to Live.

XO, Cortney


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