Re-opening Planned Parenthood’s Clinic In Huntsville, AL


Welcome to the South. Where finding comfort  means community, the food, and family. There are many beautiful things that you can find in this land of ours from sunrises and sets to sweet tea and country landscapes. As our town of Huntsville keeps growing and progressing, slowly yet surely, we still see and sense a few setbacks that prevent us from being the type of loving community that we’d hope for. Where we’ll one day see culture be just as welcomed here, as it is in the First Amendment, & where instead of believing in a oppressing manner of believing, we’ll find more free thinking where people will open their hearts and minds & pass good judgement to see all the good that Planned Parenthood has done for our families and communities.

 Planned Parenthood addresses reproductive health issues not only professionally but also realistically. One of the many reasons why I love Planned Parenthood and what they stand for. They are, what I believe, my help in the face of ugliness and ignorance. They taught me that I am human, that we still live in a world full of mistakes and diseases as they guide me to the help that I deserve. They’ve inspired me to take a stand to those that wished me to become someone else’s babymill and gave me the fire to tell myself I have the Choice, me myself alone.  I’ve learned that as a woman I make the decisions because I am responsible for a being to come into this world ready and because I am it would only be irresponsible if I don’t do what I need to do, whatever that maybe.

With the Planned Parenthood hearing and the Supreme Court passing gay marriage as the law of the land, quite a few extremists have been coming out of the wood work.  We start hearing the horribly believed things in a book written by men who maybe smart enough to write but not wise enough to have better morals. Some turning a whole new leaf and seeing life in a whole new light, while others turning the other cheek and ignoring the passages in their own book that tells them when a life begins like it says here by The Christian Left.

“Prolifers” as they call themselves, don’t know how to love. Therefore don’t know how to live and fighting women to make them become someone else’s baby mill for the sake of a fetus from an unready mother via by ways mentally or physically is just, quite frankly, sick. Mothers are the cornerstone, bread and butter, the rock in a child’s life. When a woman is not ready, respect that, we are creating a new generation. We need to settle ourselves and restore ourselves and to decide if being a mother is the path for us. That deserves your love and respect. So for a group to even call themselves prolife is quite the hypocritical statement. An embarrassment to themselves on top of that especially after the hearing for planned parenthood by their representatives.

With all that said and the evidence being clear, how can we bring back Planned Parenthood for those in north Alabama again? Although some may argue that if we have a Obamacare then why do we need Planned Parenthood? Easy here it is plain and simple.


Easy enough right? I mean our AL supreme court has to repeal it’s ban and claim it unconstitutional & pass the law now, since there’s no reason to keep Planned Parenthood closed. Sadly, wrong. Someone once said that evil is not powerful, but it is weakness in large numbers and that is what we are seeing in our state. We have representatives that resemble the ones in the video in the “representatives” link above. And that just goes to show how much that weakness in large numbers can overrule informed decision making. But with enough decent minds and educated people we can take a stand against them and support our brothers and sisters to Choose and Live, than to take away and oppress us. For the intelligent readers who want to make a change for us in North Alabama, please help us by emailing and writing to our Alabama State Representatives to look again at the ban that was deemed unconstitutional that shut Planned Parenthood’s doors in Huntsville in 2014. Let’s continue the good fight and win!

Thank you for all the love and support,



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