Killing Culture



Where do I start? It’s been nearly 300 years since we took over this land we call the U.S. of A. And we have to ask ourselves, when does our culture start kicking in? A land with multiple ones you’d think we’d start fusing them all together by now. 2016 I believe would be the year we’d start seeing more of that. Although the Bible Thumping lands would have to reach out through their sludge of ugly toxic beliefs. I’m starting to believe that this ancient cursed gloop came from paranoia mixed with lies and an indefinite mental health disorder, and in our land this time around, it’s compared to the scary possessed nun. And these are the types of things that kills our culture from progressing. Lies after lies after lies that we see our society suffering in. Instead of getting real help they pray that God give it to them. Instead of working for it they pray that God give it to them. Instead of fixing it they pray that God give it to them. Like God is some ass wiping, unlimited genie that gives you whatever you want. (LOL) The greatest lie and beyond that, a hell that could devour you for eternity just because you’re not a Smug Christian like them. Say if there is a great big dynamic hole that could swallow us for an eternity I’m pretty sure Mother Nature doesn’t pick and choose based on your religious beliefs, I’m pretty sure it’s always been about health and intelligence, but hey what do I know, right? Another thing, not only do these ignorant assholes kill our own culture but the culture of others for centuries now. Talk about going on missionary trips to speak “God’s Words” to vulnerable people that would believe anything to get help, food, & shelter. These poor people have to listen to how the hell they live in now will continue if they don’t believe in their racist, sexist, bigoted God. How twisted and unfortunate that these innocent people are in the presence of these time wasting evil vile people. Why I could never give money to support church people unless they were free thinkers. They may build homes, help the needy, feed the poor but when they talk misguidance of John 3:16 then they lay eggs of parasites in towns, homes, and villages. People deserve soooo much better than that. We need to destroy those that suck the life out of America with the Truth, Tough Love, and most of all Empathy.

“God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in her shoes.” -Everlast



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