Making Peace With God

Vishnu-Krishna (1)

I remember as a young child, I knew that when I grew up things would be better for me. Even when the in between was an unending battle between good and evil. I had a strong feeling of envitability, what I now call faith, that when I grow up everything would be okay.

Now 26 going on 27, you would have never thought that someone like me had such a rocky past. And knowing what I know now I can tell the reader with much confidence that hell does not last forever, nor did you ever deserve it. Growing up I was taught to believe that God is everywhere and “he” will be with you always. But as a teenager I learned harshly and quickly that God was not. As much as that thought soothed me, it was not true. God is not everywhere, God won’t be with you always and it’s time that we the adults and decision makers in our lives and of small children face that fact and face our dire circumstances with a strong heart and mind to do something better about it.

Who is God to me? As science fan fiction as this may sound, it is the best possibility and also my peace with who God really is. God to me is an intelligent, master mind in creating beautiful and fascinating things from matter that was already there, also a powerful yet limited Alien existence. Which this Creator maybe the link to our existence. Our genes may carry the secret in who God is. Yet with about 5,000 other gods in the world that people currently worship, in my theory their Gods were extraordinarly good people in the past that they look up to presently, they maybe animals or plants that have nourished their part of the world & they see so much good and support that they are showing their grand appreciation, or even spirits in a parallel universe that once existed and lived on Earth guiding us. All in all they are all limited in a way where they could only do so much. Something that is good to learn since we ourselves are in existence and we all have the potential to work on ourselves and in our lives in order to be our greatest accomplishment.

So to me, there is nothing wrong with having different Gods to worship or even if you worship yourself. To me, they are all good coming from very open minds whether imaginary or logic, they see the benefits in treating others with great love and having great appreciation for the good ones and good actions that feed life.




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