Being An Average Jo(e) Philanthropist


Hi, my name is Cortney & I am a philanthropist. So how did an ordinary and average, barely-middle class woman like me become a philanthropist, when I am neither a million or billionaire?  There are thousands of people like me in the US and tons more in other countries that are accordingly practicing philanthropy. So then, what is it?

Philanthropy: the practice of giving money and time to help make life better for other people [as seen in the merriam-webster dictionary]

It is anyone who has the money and time to spare to help others in need. So yes, you are indeed a philanthropist when you do this, and it’s about time that we change the perspective that we’d have to be filthy rich in order to change the world, when in fact you could be changing it right now. Although it may not seem like much from us especially in the lower middle class, but it really doesn’t have to be and you absolutely do make a difference. For those of us who need help organizing ways to be a successful philanthropist in our day and age, here is a good look at what I have done in order to constantly give monthly.

I. USE A BUDGETING SYSTEM THAT WORKS FOR YOU.  The one that is successful for me is How To Empower Yourself With Money. inspired by the book “The Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach.

II. AN EASILY TRANSFERABLE PERCENTAGE. After finding a good budgeting system, I believe even if you make between $1,500 to $2,000 a month, you can still spare 5% of your monthly income per month, transferring it confidently to another savings account for any trusted charities that you choose. But this is according to me with no children & only paying $600 for rent amoung other bills.

III. LOVE YOURSELF & DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. This is the utmost importance for being a philanthropist! Stay focused and satisfy your needs and happiness first and foremost forever and ever, for real. I believe that greed can strike anyone from the very wealthy to even the very poor, but the amount of money is never the culprit. It is the oppurtunity when possessed by a unsatisfied heart, in my hypothesis anyways. Greed strikes the very vulnerable and the very desperate but greed can never strike those who love and care for themselves so much that they patch the hole in the bottom of their bucket so they will be fulfilled and satisfied to naturally & envitably pour out to those & overflow their cup.

IV. DONATING YOUR TIME.  Once you’ve learned how to properly budget & the importance of making yourself happy, I believe you’ll find the time and efficient efforts to give back to others. An example for me is for my business going to health events to promote medical massage by giving out free 10 minute chair massages. Another example from average philanthropists is the hairstylists who spend their day giving free hair cuts to the homeless, or the common folks who feed the hungry, give to the poor, donate their time and efforts to make a difference. They are just ordinary people who have what it takes to do these things and there are plenty of examples out there if you just search for them.

I hope this inspired anyone whose goal was to be a philanthropist. How exciting is it when you discovered that you can be! To help others from trusted organizations, causes for the cure, and saving the world by being a happier, healthier, and wealthier you. Thank you for reading and happy philanthroping!




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