O Holey God


The power of Imagination. It can be so healing but at times harming, depending on the amount of positive light your mind produces. Yet this post is not entirely for knowing the benefits of creativity but for knowing the detrimental impact religion has on our people in the past and present. The worst of the lot is the amount of evil it was cited in the name of their god, and the things that they say in the name of “faith.” Ironically hearing how tricky the devil can be, without them knowing they worship their own enemy. No one can come to the father but through me they said. I am the light, the truth, and way.

But for some reason if we are not a Christian that means that we will soulfully die in hell forever and ever. Forever and ever? Last time I checked, not even hell on Earth would last. Although it might have felt like forever, but it never was. God. Who is God? Something I often questioned while looking for someone to save me from my own hell, but if not even God could, then who would? I remember being in nice homes with nice people, and they did nice things for us. I remember saying this must be what heaven feels like. They were strong and they protected us and healed us when we were sick, if this is what good people were and what love was, then why would they ever keep us in a place called hell? What an evil and terrorizing thing to believe in.

I can’t grasp the reasoning behind it. When half your mind is for emotion and imagination, then might as well make it a good one. Saying it’s God’s Word that’s why they have to believe it. When really books are written by people, when has God ever come down just to write a book? They make God look like an incompetent asshole. They make God look like a bipolar and manipulative dictator who only cares for those who will do and not ask questions, kill and not think, fear for their lives and be forced to be fake “good” and fake “nice” and love you while never giving you the chance to be human. Will love you but not accept you for who you are, will “love” you and create you without admitting fault while damning you to hell. Telling you to give to the poor but you give to your God-fearing pastors instead. So is this the type of god you like to worship? Whatever happened to just being a genuinely good person with the rules on how to really become one?

Christians think or even tell people in person that you will go to hell if you don’t believe in my Christ without knowing their backstory in their logical reasoning behind not believing. There are the millions of girls now and in the past forced into marriage at 14 and even much younger. Forced to have sex with strange older men. At a age their god conceived with a 14 year old child virgin to have it’s offspring. What message are we sending when we worship a god that chooses a child for a bride? When a man does it, it’s pedophilia yet when “God” does it, a “savior” is born. Come on people, we’ve got to believe better than that. When a person goes through heart ache and finds that no one around her even her fellow christians aren’t there to help, of course she’s not going to believe in God or in your Savior. They obviously were never there, so why would she believe in one? But because God was never there, she is forced to believe in something because she was terrorized into the thought of being in hell forever? Is that her fault, now? Really?

They cry manipulative bullshit as the First Amendment. Something I take very personally as my father fought and emotionally died for this country and what it now stands for. By using religion for propaganda, the same religion that killed millions all across the globe and millions more of the natives that onced roamed and cared for this land, millions even now killing their soul and killing their state of mind, they slap every good person in the face that ever stood for the good of this world. They might have worshipped a good man at first, but now a religion based on blind faith and truth that they devoutly ignore they now worship an energy so evil that they themselves turn into the devil.

To end this off on a positive note. I believe in comprehension. Sometimes when people mean God, they just mean good. Even if it’s in their imaginations, if they are still in their right to believe then let them keep it. For it’s so much better for people to believe in the good creations in their own heads than to believe in the fears that creates their demons.



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