Prayer: For Those Who Don’t Know What To Do


Many prayers are well indowed in churches, synagogues, and homes. When uneducated people don’t know what to do they call upon their non existent God to help their friends and family in need. Thinking that for some reason this will help. Without any action to support this cause people are dumbfounded when they find out that it didn’t actually work. But instead of finding out a reason why they go to “workings in mysterious ways”. I don’t believe in prayer, I believe in logic and when anyone crys out for help then anyone in their right mind who could help would help. But people are so dumb and so blind that they can’t see the facts right in front of them. It’s sick and it’s disgusting how much gratitude is more so deserved to these great citizens than to these cowards who define faith from dead men. People are so lost. I was so upset when my own grandmother wouldn’t help me when I asked if I could stay with her when I was forced to stay with my abusive mother and very very abusive step father. She would later tell me that she would pray for me instead, while I went through suicide attempts, battered days and weeks, bullies, and sexual offenses. I had to run away in order to find peace, yet still be haunted by my past. I was not helped by anyone in my “christian” family. They all abandoned me when I needed them the most. I was saved by my atheist friends, my atheist mother who found her sense again and delievered us from “evil” to Seattle. People who found relief through prayer only found it because they were given something that didn’t need actions but only words to soothe them, if they were given those words out of real love. It took no god to do this but ourselves and the goodness within.



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