How To Be A Badass Empath


First of all, what is an empath? Techniquely it’s a person or even another living thing that can sense the vibes that others give off. What people think or believe in their minds you can sense them and they can either enlighten you or tear you down amoung other things. A lot of times we are not conscious of the things that affect us, so they can consume our personalities without us knowing it. Sometimes in good ways sometimes not at all. We can sense happiness, excitement, health, anxiety or fear, and even anger but to those who are ignorant to it a lot of times they’ll become what they sense because they don’t know it’s from the person next to them. Like a domino effect. But here are ways where you can control your surroundings to try to at least face them than let it win you over especially with toxic minds.

Talk Back

 Only if you are confident enough to know that it’s what’s needed. When the vibrations are so strong that you need to stop it, then say something outloud. Or if not, say whatever needs to be said in your mind, from one mind to another. A lot of times people need to be told to heal themselves or to be themselves, in order to cope with whatever they are going through. Some empaths can pick up on things so specific that they know just what to say & when or how to say it.

Eliminate Old Toxic Energy

I feel this all the time with family members, especially with my biological sister. We were both neglected by our parents but I felt that because I had been born with a birth defect that I had the attention that she needed and wanted from our parents before the seperation. I don’t think she ever forgave me because of it. So I am constantly bombarded with her emotional crap, like being in a “spiritual war” that people can only feel but not neccessarily see. You have to face it. Love also means eliminating the bad and or “punishing it” by giving it what is needed to be said or done, tough love as we call it. Sometimes what’s needed to be said is, Heal yourself, be yourself, don’t blame me, it’s not your fault, etc. etc.

Gain Strength Whenever Needed 

Confronting all these things when you’re trying to live your own life can be draining. Why I highly suggest to create your bedroom or even a spare bedroom into your own healing room. Full of life such as plants, sea salts, essential oil sprays, healing pictures and or symbols, a clean and cleansing atmosphere. Being surrounded by these things while you get your full hours of sleep is very healing to the mind, but don’t forget to also care for your body. Yoga, cardio, healthy foods and medicinals for healing your organs, gives you energy for more strength to endure daily life.

 Be Entirely Grateful 

Good things don’t just come and go. They were created. Whether that be in you, help from your doctors, mental doctors, counselors, best friends, or just the helpful strangers in your neighborhood. The good life creates more good in life. Yet for some reason this is expected rather than appreciated. Whether or not this is what we are all suppose to do, still be grateful that someone did it. They were good enough, they are wise enough, they did this really good thing and they deserve our gratitude. If you have to thank even yourself when no one really has, for the good things that you’ve done in the past and now then do it now. Stay grateful for what makes our entire world good.



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