From A Christian To An Atheist


I used to think that there was a god who loved me no matter what. That “he” will guide me through thick and thin. I used to think that all I have to do is to believe in “him” in order to make it to heaven. But I was still in hell. I was in hell waiting patiently for my all loving all powerful god to save me, but even “his” own people wouldnt. I don’t believe in Christianity for a million reasons. One is that their all powerful god isn’t there. Even if it was its very limited and manifested in only the good people, not a label to christians. But yet, They’ve surpassed them to pray to their god while the knowledgable people right in front of them were the healers, surpassing their ¬†gratitude for people of other backgrounds and religions who are realistically helping the world. They are the millions who are the solution to the world’s problems. Christians believe in the old ways that really isn’t all that good at all even back then. They believe only in this mistranslated book written by both good and evil men, that they don’t even think for themselves so instead they sound like drones repeating what every other christian out there says. They believe their god and savior is the truth yet they lack the strength to believe in the truth. In the bible belt they believe in so much bullshit that when youre not a christian then there is no way you could be a good person. Yet when they look in the mirror there is no doubt that they are. They go on missionary trips and are funded to spread lies making other cultures doubt things that were already good for them. God’s Word is untastefully good to them but in reality its so ugly that the only miracle you see is how they have a pulse. They tell themselves to love others but what is love to an evil brainwashed people? They will never know. No matter how much good they preach you can’t teach a sicko. They twist your words like they’ve twisted a holy book and sell at Dollar Tree for $1. They tell you if you believe in “Jesus Christ” even right before you pass then you’ll get to heaven. Well if you don’t then we just don’t want to see you go, please just be a christian. No matter what they good you’ve done and all the things that were fun and real this will repel our god. And this is why I’m an atheist. Atheism saved me. My god is me and all the truly good energy that may or may not surround us. And when we die I could gaurantee that most of the Christians and all the lost people are the ones going to their own hell. Lucky them they don’t have to stay. If only they believed in the truth about life they wouldn’t have to kill the souls that were left. Maybe exactly what their savior said but words twisted from other brainwashed people before them. Making a metaphor, say that I am the way, the truth, and the light no one can get to heaven but through me. The truth is in ALL of us. No one had to become christian to make it to “paradise” here or in whatever afterlife. Because if you’re truly a good person you would naturally believe in reality.

With Regards,



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