One Soul, Different Story


I was told growing up that this makes you a better person or that will. Or this religion or doing this practice. Better, better mean healthier because really it didn’t mean higher. Truth is, everyone is the same when we step into each other’s shoes. The homeless man on the street is the rich man who owns it. Only with as much damage that man has had in his life with no comfort, he’s still in the dirt for it. The ones looking down on the other because they have privilege and they “earned” it, haven’t yet received the wealth of connection and empathy. Everybody’s story is different. No one needs to go through what everyone’s gone through in order to understand. All you have to do is to understand. To feel them in their struggle and to educate on how to truly love people, the ones you choose to help. We are all one life, we are more connected than you think.




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