In A Place Called Hell


Never stopping to think about it, I’ve only heard wonderful stories about it. What is hell? Have I been there before, has anyone? I’ve once quoted myself saying, “If you don’t know from personal experience then you don’t know.” And I’m not saying that you can’t experience it through empathy, because you absolutely can. You can feel other people’s pains, that is what compassion is called. I believe I’ve been through hell. Through the lost causes of destruction and suffering. What would seem like decades was only the many years from the many abusive days I’ve had to endure. Time seems to drift by slowly or too quickly never enough stability to know where the time has really gone. It seemed like it would go on forever, but it won’t be. Just a walking zombie not really living or dying but suffering so much I wished I could have picked one or the other. We are so lucky in life though, because no matter how much hell that’s it’s seen, it turns chaos into beauty. Like the broken glassware from shipwrecks into sea glass, or long adandoned buildings where nature has taken over. We are so lucky to live in a universe & world where over time, no matter what the heartaches were, we improve, evolve, and life takes over even if we’ve never made it or died trying, life heals and moves on.

With Regards,



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