Hiding Face


In high school I did my own experiments growing up. One of them would be wearing make up one day and the other days I wouldn’t. To my surprise a lot of people only liked me because I was “pretty” with it on. Motivating me to quit wearing makeup to find out who my real friends were. Some would say this makes me brave, and it only makes me shocked to hear this. To do something as common sense to do, it makes me brave now? I find that sad. Why hide something that needs to be seen?

I would sometimes wear makeup for special gatherings or special dates with my partner, yet still get the feeling of, “who am I hiding myself for?” This makeup isn’t me. Being in competition to see which powdered face looks better, still isn’t us. I know that in our society we wear it because it’s socially acceptable, ever think why that is? Some might say but not wearing makeup makes you look lazy…. okay touch’e, but it also gives me time to take care of myself. To exercise, think, read books, study, research, find out new places that I want to visit. It gives my face the healing time that it needs from the makeup clogging my pores, drying out my lashes, drying out my skin, my lips, distributing unwanted bacteria and even parasites from your powdered friends. Too many times I’ve seen people invest in their makeup more than in their health. Rather looking pretty than being pretty, not realizing that loving yourself will make you, your most beautiful you.

With Regards,



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