American Pride


Living in America for over 26 years now, I was lucky to meet all types of people from all walks of life, including cultures, religions, and personal backgrounds. The unlucky part is meeting people with gender pride, race pride, or religious pride. The exact things they thought were to empower them are the same that belittles their understanding that We Are All One. I don’t believe in one thing that deserves so much pride, including the title of this page, as one is no better than the other. Knowing that being in the shoes of another leaves you with a sense of forgiveness. Understanding everything that is or was ever done, we would have all done the same exact thing if we were them. There is no better or no worse, we are all just the same. To be alive in a never ending universe, full of black holes, beautiful stars, planets, with its special species , that is something to be proud of. To simply be in existence.

With Regards,



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