God Is Good


In ancient days, Greek’s many gods were depicted as good & strong women and men just like you and me. They were known as the good food from the Earth in Asian cultures, the warriors watching us from the stars, they were the wind, the fields, nature, Earth. Is this what people of the past were teaching us? That the good yet limited life within us & around us is the god we’ve been searching for in our times of struggle? That we ourselves are the saviors of society and the world? Are they also the many other life forms with vitality who will be our true light from suffering?

It is the closest I’ve come to know God. I believe it was in the warm nature of good spirits, the love in family gatherings, hiking through the beauty of nature. But as in life, we cannot deny the evil in the world either. The devils, as they say, that devalues a good soul defeating it into evil with it. This is as close as I’ve come to the devil as well, in the nauseating presence of ugliness in people, animals, the pollution of our planet.

In today’s world we see a God as somewhere out there and yet for some reason it is called unlimited while many prayers and many people are still left unsatisfied. We call it justification, we call it “working in mysterious ways,” yet we don’t call it for what it is, which is a failed God, a very obvious limited God. People don’t realize that their yelp for help is a natural vibration that is felt and heard and only those who can sense it & have the capabilities to help them will follow through. They are the Gods that we are looking for in our times of troubles, thanking the god in the clouds is just as ignorant as thanking the spoon rather than thanking the hand that feeds you.

The church is beautiful though. The artwork, the music, the community but once we step out into reality we are often questioning the why’s and how come bad things are happening. We are concerned for the world but when we ask the church we are not given a straight answer, but a verse or an unsatisfied saying. Instead they are answered by science & our own intelligent minds, something we tried to ask our pastors or head of church and left with the state of denial in their eyes and voices, and even in their stubborness in not understanding their own holy book that they read. Finding that weak people want to believe in weak things to comfort them in their own suffering. Finding that, that suffering was the same that founded their false religion leaving their pains still hidden believing that one day their God will heal them, not realizing that the God they seek is within their own Mental Counselor or Health Professional. Being still lost and vulnerable leading them on their sad journey where they are unable to live to their best ability. In our world, people are so offended by the truth. Our truth can be hard to swallow, & it’s unfortunate how very few of us have the common decency and strength to look at it straight in the face and accept it. Seemingly the majority of the people instead of attacking the problem they attack the honest person who shows it to them. That is how it’s always been in a crippled and unloved society and why history often repeats itself, because as long as we have a people with weak minds we cannot build up and move forward to better, more common sense days. So then we deal with it and are once again oppressed by it, until someone comes to save the day.

It’s understandable though. I may forgive people for their humanly or devishly mistakes but there is still a lot of work to do. How it’s always done to make people including you and the world stronger and wiser is to LOVE, give what’s needed, heal what’s broken and speak truth, be yourself to be completely transparent so they will see you. While a back and forth blaming match never solved anything, doing your research & opening your mind will help you to know what to do as only realistic people have truly helped others. Gaining strength to create yourself & them to be the gods and not devils of the Earth, and seeing the change to think & grow into much better lives.

With Regards,



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