How To Empower Yourself With Money


Who would’ve known that you could change the world by changing who you gave your money to. Not just your choice of trusted charities, but everything you spend it on. A lot of times we can feel hopeless with our money, because instead of using it for the common good to sustainably feed ourselves and the world with, the amount of energy used is irresponsibly being spent elsewhere with our money, enivitably draining ourselves & our wallets. Having money is our responsibility, because what you use to buy with it will give it power. Money does have power and especially now-a-days when our very lives depend on it. Giving to a person or company with a smart, responsible, & healthy mindset will always be used towards good things. People with a good head on their shoulders have good judgement & will always be steered in the right direction, remember that. So choose wisely, hand your dollar bills to trusted organizations, businesses, & people; it will change the world a coin & dollar at a time.

Start With ¥OU:

I know everyone says this, but you are your most important person. Even when you have children, they look up to you to find love, comfort, & support; and you have to have enough power to properly give that to them. So take care of yourself. Make strides to buy & use things for your health; body, mind, & soul. Including mind healing & enhancing products such as brain foods, & natural medicine, good books, & things that will help rest your mind & invigorate it with the truth.  “Love Yourself First.”

Then Your €nvironment:

Home appliances to home cleaning & even Fair Trade products, you don’t think this will make a difference in your household? Think again. Energy star products is a great investment that will save you money so you can use it for more good in the future. Green cleaning products are not only Earth conscious but sometimes certain companies are also non profit charities donating the money they make and giving it to people in need. Like Seventh Generation does here. All natural cleaners can also be Sea Salts cleaning bacteria & mold in sinks & distributing much needed negative ions to increase better energy in your home and in turn you. Also Fair Trade products gives other world workers the chance at feeding their families, or going to school with fair compensated wages, healing & helping one household to the next.

Remember To Organize Your Money To $end It Back To You:

I like to call this The Boomerang Effect. Cheesy, right? But it’s brilliant and you’ll be glad you picked this post to read, amoung other things. This was completely inspired by a nationally renowned financial advisor named David Bach. He wrote a book back in 2010 called The Automatic Millionaire & ever since then I’ve used this formula to save, spend, and pay off all of my bills, leaving me with no debt after college and two paid off vehicles with money to spare. Here it is, right here and introducing you with this quote by Bruce Lee, “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”

An Example: From a $1,300 Monthly Income

Fun Money: $130      <=First is your fun money. 10% of your Monthly Income

Savings Money: $65      <=Second is your savings. 5% of your Monthly Income if to choose to be a Philanthropist

Rent or Mortgage: $550

Groceries: $50

Phone Bill: $60

Car Insurance: $60

Utility Bill: $80

Savings bond: $65 (5%)

add it all together makes $1,060. This gives you $240 left over. And if you keep at it with the money you make a month, that $240 in 6 months will turn into $1440 woot woot!!

I hope the reader is encouraged and inspired to know that they can change how much more their money can be worth when they give to the things in life that really matter.




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