A Day In A Life: Massage Therapists


As modern intelligence lives on, people have always recognized the importance in self-care. Massage Therapy being one of the many ways to help with ailments, is an age-old therapeutic way people from all walks of life found comfort, strength, & healing. In fact the oldest found recordings of massage was in 2330 AD in the “Tomb of Physicians” hieroglyphics in Egypt. Even then people knew the benefits of massage. It is taught today in massage schools across the US, with much knowledge, training, & continuing education going into practice, for an outcome to help the millions of Americans suffering with pain, stiffness, & injuries.

In Massage Practices I like to separate them into 5 groups:

1) Emotional Support    2) Pain Management    3) Injury Treatments    4) Sports Training    5) Beauty

These groups identify what each patient may need. A few examples for each one is:

1) Emotional Support: Swedish, Gentle Shiatsu, & Sacral Cranial Massages as a common modality

  • Divorce`s

  • PTSD

2) Pain Management: Deep Tissue, Myofascial Work, Pin & Stretching as a common modality

  • Desk worker

  • People with High Stress Jobs

3) Injury Treatments: Medical Massage, Scar Tissue Stretching, & Lymphatic Draining as a common modality

  • Car Accidents

  • Work Injuries

4) Sports Training: Sports Massage, Stretching, & Joint Movement as a common modality

  • Pro Athletes

  • Gym gurus

5) Beauty: Massage Cupping, Circulation Work, & Lymphatic Draining as a common modality

  • Dermal Cleanse

  • Fascia Circulation (swedish massage for the face)

These can be the common things Massage Professionals see in their day, conducting treatment plans for each individual to support. Massage Therapists are highly respected to those who see & know how much they do in a day. Helping anyone from the US Veteran to Teachers and Nurses. Anyone with aches and pains are accepted to recieve a massage.

The Big No-No’s & The Consequences:

The myths seem to destroy the reputations of good massage therapists in our society, especially with uneducated people around. Some have abused this ancient practice and marketed it for prostitution, or some have abused what they thought it was for and ended up with a lifetime sexual offender ticket in their files. Why we have understandably strict laws to abide by to keep every massage therapist as safe as possible and to educate people as much as possible to prevent being labeled something as undeservedly low. Every sexual offender gets reported and it gets turned into the police. A sexual offender in the massage world is anyone who uses their massage practice as prostitution or sexual favors, they are then charged & fined, with their massage license permenately revoked. A client asking for sexual favors or hinting, grabbing, touching oneself, jerking off after the session etc. etc. will be reported as a sexual offender. They will also be fired from the practitioner & place of practice. A Massage Therapist is a HEALTH CARE PROVIDER, we are not prostitutes, we will not condone to these behaviors. The offender will be charged & punished to the highest degree with a likelihood of an impending bad reputation on their part, that anyone can look up on their background checks.

In conclusion, I hope the reader will realize the realities of the ups and downs of Massage Therapists. More so ups for us that are blessed with the amazing patients we get to help and befriend. We are truly blessed with the work that we do, as helping others has always been a dream of mine, I am lucky to call my work a career.

With Regards,

Cortney L. Brown LMT

@ Panacea: Feng Shui & Medical Massage


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