Human Rights Vs. Hypocrisy


One of the things that’s most confusing & frustrating about the world is the amount of hypocrisy allowed to leave the mouths of ugly people with no consequences, while their excuse is with the first amendment. In other words dumb ignorant people are allowed to prance around the city “protected” by this law. When in reality it has nothing to do with what they say. There is a big difference between religion & hypocrisy. With the religious stand point they have a logical reasoning as to why they follow it, that is their right. But for the ones who follow very blindly and hurt people with their words and lack of intelligence with a slew of mistranslations and repeating mistranslations they lost that right already. Stating that this is “God’s Law.” Well that’s a hoax. All gods or God is good, why they stand on the highest throne in our beliefs. No gods or God is going to agree with the hypocrites and the Bible Thumpers of the world. All good things see things for who and what they are because their minds are thoughtful and full of life and connected to the universe. Whatever it is that you believe in, we cannot deny the truth in Life, what is truly right for mankind with intelligence and good judgement is what we all deserve. And today marks just one of the victories we so longed & needed in American Society.




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