What Is True Christianity?


Now you might have heard it, loathed it, or cherished it, but most Americans know what Christianity is, or what they might percieve it to be. I’ve heard it all, and being in the bible belt more than I could ever bear to hear. But this is not for the hypocrites but for the true Christians I so dearly love. They are so rare to find that I like to call them a gem. But so are all the good people in the world, they’re all gems in a world full of idiots and assholes. So then, what should Christians really teach & who are they?

They are wise people that just simply believe in the teachings of Yeshua, or how most people know him, Jesus Christ. But no you don’t have to believe in the rumors of ancient history, that a virgin of 14 years gave birth to a god, because as in life itself, only the truth makes sense, and wasn’t that the nickname of this man (The Light, The Truth & The Way)?

Like I said, you don’t have to believe in something that doesn’t make any sense in order to get to Heaven. Although sometimes it happens because we’re scared & don’t know any better. Hell, we’re only human, it happens.

Yeshua was a beloved man in Ancient BC. And from the sound of it he was a rebel to Jewish Law because he would rather do things that were right rather than “lawful.” For instance healing the sick and the blind on a Sabbath and being shamed for it.

A man who believed in forgiveness and loving your neighbor, and no you do not have to be a Christian in order to have good morals, it’s called just being a decent human being. Forgiveness he says,” Forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing” til the end of his life. And he was right. When people do dumb things, selfish things, even quite evil things their conciousness is not right. Their mental sickness has taken over and they cannot help that they hurt others. They are faultless and he knew this, so he forgave.

In conclusion, true christians would never condemn you in their heads, hearts, and definitely not outloud, just because you have a different religion than them, or a different lifestyle. You don’t have to claim a religion at all to get into paradise or whatever it is that you believe. All that matters is that you are just a good person who did good things, and who made a little more sense in the world.




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