Why I Forgave


I used to hate that phrase “forgive and forget” hell, I still do. I don’t think people really understood what they were saying when they told you to “forgive & forget.” What they made it sound like was that your real emotions and emotional pains didn’t matter. But how could I ever forget when it does?

This year, in fact this month I was asking , pleaing for something to just help me to forgive. My heart was really heavy that day. I couldn’t take anymore pain and suffering. I had it and being horribly reminded of the past. Then all of a sudden something came to me, right then I truly knew what forgiveness was. It wasn’t ever meant to forget that it had ever happened and to not-so-simply let it go. Forgiveness meant that it is no ones fault. To stop pointing fingers at your opponent and at yourself because there’s no reason to blame anyone for mistakes we had no control over. It means that there is a logical reason why everything happens the way that they do. Behind the logic that our bullies in our past, present, & future did something without conscious thought or meaning. They did it out of their own hurt inside that consumed their very being to uncontrollably pass it to others. Perhaps a desperate call for help or punishment, and in it’s entirety a lesson to learn how to fix the situation if you choose for yourself. Something that is out of their control as they were a puppet to their evil, a complete foolish act.Yes they did it, no I doubt you can forget it, for a good reason though, to remind yourself to stay away from people who harm you. Yes you can still hate them for it, be angry at them, be enraged, go ahead, but remember it’s no body’s fault that bad things happen. Only an unfortunate law about life that people only have so much love to give, and when they run out of energy they will abandon and push others away to choose to love those who they can.The best we can do is forgive & heal ourselves by finding the strength to love ourselves when others failed to do so.

With Regards,



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