5 Ways to Conserve Water That You Can Do Now


1) If you’re ways watering your grass or garden:

Plant the local trees in your area. Creating shade helps with not only your grass but also your garden too. Change that too much sunshine to just enough needing less water from your homeby a few years with some trees.

2) Drinking and eating less sugars.

Sugars dehydrate in a way that you probably never needed to know. But you’re still reading so here you go. Sugars feed microbes that eat you. Those parasites that suck your fluids, yea you just gave them that extra boost with a snickers bar everyone keeps telling you to eat because apparently your a b**** when you get hungry. So the less sugars you eat, the water you need to drink.

3) Make a rain barrell.

Rain barrells are expensive though. But luckily I’m a cheap chick and I’m writing this blog. If you own a home take a big pot or jug and stick it outside whenever it rains. The water preserves better when you pop a lid on it afterwards. And then PRESTO! You now have rain water for your house plants, garden, animals, pets you name it, freshly squeezed from the sky.

4) Clean Your Own Water.

There are a lot of survivor fanatics who have done this, I have never. All I’ve cleaned was tap water with Adya Clarity & filtered it, and drank it. Now when it comes to lake, pond, river, ocean water and making it drinkable for human consumption I have never done that. Although I have seen it done here.

5) Reuse Shower/Bath/Kitchen water?

It’s not clean that’s for sure, but it is reusable if you use “green” type soaps that won’t be harmful to plants. It’s extra water you can store outside for your garden. Saving the planet can be dirty work, but it’s worth it.

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