My Heart’s Got A Big Mouth

clean and go

You know that moment when your heart just won’t shut up so all you can do is roll your eyes and listen to it. Love. It won’t let you steer away from it without a warning. Love doesn’t mean you have to be in a romantic relationship with them, but more of a kinship, rather that be temporary or a lifetime. It doesn’t mean you’ll be a fool or never get hurt it just means that you’ll be stronger to take the blow and it’ll be worth it. It means you’ll make an example out of your contender, words won’t hurt as much, and the ice in your chest will constantly melt to where it over pours with trickles of water. It means to not give up & to give in to where that warm comfort in your chest grows & glows. You’ll fail and hate at times, but as long as you still believe in love, you haven’t lost anything.




5 thoughts on “My Heart’s Got A Big Mouth

    • courtneyleighbrown says:

      I know exactly how that feels. It’s confusing, I know. I thought it was love that made me stay in a very toxic relationship myself. But it was love that got me out of it & it was love that made a better example, & it was love that made me not give up on myself & the possibility of loving again (to a much more ready & compatible person) But I am back in that head space again that I thought was long gone from high school. Love is worth it.

      • courtneyleighbrown says:

        I understand exactly how you l
        feel @ unconditonalLove some people will deny your kindness but theres love with a deeper understanding with wiser actions you have to find that for yourself. And as what the huna teachings go: Imagine youre loved loved every moment of every day. Because you already are.

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