I Am


I am fire, the burn in the wind, the shadow in the darkness.

The lonely child, afraid, and shaking, helpless to win when the my world was crumbling down,

I am the necessary evil, the dark warrior, the mirror image of my surroundings.

My mothers child, my fathers wild and lost daughter.

I am the stress of my youth, I am my scars, and I am my heart break.

I am the caged animal, the repressed middle child, the unique individual.

I am sinner and the saint. The maker and the created. The eated, and eater.

The healer and the killer. I am the hell transformed to the power of heaven.

My order belongs to the in between.



“No matter how much going back to the past seems like a good idea, the only way you can make your future better is in the present. “


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