content old woman

Love can be stressful. Cause love is a whole lotta energy. It can leave you stressed out & discombobulated, because you love this person and you want to show that to them but where is the energy? Then after a while it turns into hate because there is no way you could sustain living for yourself and being there for someone else. I would say it’s one of those necessary evils for survival. Yet when you have the energy, here comes the love, understanding, wisdom, and success of gathering this wealth of happiness. Its all about rebalancing this within ourselves to help others in return. Cultivating this through the micro pipes of the universe, the pathways that feed good energy preventing us to falter as humanly as possible. Health that connects spirit, mind, and body to be one. To be at peace, to love efficiently, & to live your life happily.  O wish me luck.

With Regards,



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