With Great Faith

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Growing up, you just get one of those feelings. A feeling something bad might happen, or something good, or some feel like some kind of transformation is going to make everything okay somehow. But I find it hilarious that in times of blindness you have no choice but to feel or else you go downhill, and when the only knowledge that you have to take care of yourself & wrestle with your demons, the only way to get the black radiating cold feeling off your chest is to just bring it in. Feel how you really feel and follow it. Let it move you and remove you. Feel the pain, feel your mistakes, feel the truth. No matter what words or actions that was said & done the fundamentals of them lies in the sensation of it all. How we find the invisible path that legends talk about, how the great path is found with in each and everyone of us. How no one else can feel it or sense it but you, how no one else can walk your path but you. Now finally getting the definition of what faith is, and how walking with not blind faith, but inner faith makes you closer to the light within.

With Regards,



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