That Moment

go green

That moment when you just try to live like there is no tomorrow. And today may be that day that you or a loved one may die. To try to be more compassionate in your life. Then you think about it, and you think about just that one person you hate. So now it’s well who knows, there’s a logical reason for every death, and if they die then good riddance, I’m not gonna base my life on a lie and be completely oblivious as to why things happen they way they do, so no fuck it. I’m still gonna hate the fuck out of you, and until I do actually die, or you actually die then I’m gonna react to it, how it’s suppose to be.

Those moments when people tell you love is the answer. I know I just wrote a blog about this before. But love comes from people who are ready, wise, understanding, caring, etc etc. It doesn’t just come from anyone. And then you realize that hate is what got you out of distressful jobs, situations, made you run away, made you use your sense of judgement, made you do better because you hated that place so much, hated the disease, hated those people, hated those standards, and made you even more fiery and determined because you want to have a good life. I guess hate is what makes us the humble and the limited human beings that we are. Although love is good, and does help us heal and grow, somethings we just don’t need to grow in our gardens, some things we need to stomp out because its killing the nutrients for us to expand and grow even more to reach at least a bit of happiness every single day.

And in those defining moments you realize that life will never be the same again, and maybe it wasn’t suppose to be. For whatever situation even the good there is a creation and reaction that shifts everything about your life. Life was never meant to stay the same. For every good there’s a purpose, and every bad there is pain. And one day when we overcome all the pain the world threw at us, we realize this is where we’re suppose to be, happy & free.

With Regards,



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