The Secret To Women


Separating the Beast from the Beauty

Women are complicated. So complicated that sometimes we don’t even know why we do the things we do. We are the feeling type, although like the same ways a man can become numb so can a woman, excessive pain does this. But to be fair not all women are created equal. Born into a world where energy can be transformed, we are sometimes born more limited than others. Leaving us more livid, more crazy, more stupid than others. But as the saying goes, everything happens for a reason. Life for a woman is complex, which is perfect for our complex minds. For every imbalance though, it’s not a woman being a woman. When a woman is irrational, dull, cordially insane etc etc, that my friends is called stress. And although some women are strong, we are sometimes just ill equipped to be as strong as we want to be, ultimately crossing lines we shouldn’t cross and lastly getting served mental breakdowns. Not to sound cliche but a real woman, is not as afraid as people may think. Women can fight. Especially when it comes to children.  Speaking of children, do you understand the insanity of complicated pregnancy? No offense kids, but think of it like this. Think of yourself as pregnant and malnourished (Americans can definitely get this too), that baby is feeding off of you for 9 to 10 months, like a parasite. If you don’t have enough nutrients to sustain life inside of you, then you’re playing war with an embryo. Which can mean a few things, the baby will die, or the mother will die, or they will be deficient or one so more than the other. Making us weak and unattractive, chronically if we didn’t know any better. Creating monsters are a hell of a lot easier than creating angels, while our environment is likely the cause of it, it’s a fate some of us don’t see coming, but at least now you know why.

Women and our charm

You ever wonder why good women like our men tough? We are destined to take care of our men. Our men that go to wars, fight the evil in the world, and come back damaged, we want to so badly to change them so they can be happy, powerful warriors again. And from there create a community, to protect, uphold, and thrive in. Healthy women do things differently than healthy men, as it should be and vise versa. Life does well to create an equilibrium in the world. As there are red flags, there are green, and women wave a banner of hope, mercy, healthy, wisdom, love, fertility, and honesty. With different callings of course, having someone to do each job to create a balance within the community, forsaking, killing, or throwing out the weakest link, or the weaker of the two or few that have the same job that only needs so many. The laws of the natural world are so much different than the laws of the government. Women have quite a job as do men, let’s try to rediscover who we really are.



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