False Statements


Growing up you only know so much, you know how to love, yet don’t get any. People that say they love you well often betray you, & then you wonder what’s the use in it. Love maybe real but I think for a lot of us it isn’t true. There’s relationships that tell you they love you out of fear of being a lone. They say I love you after cheating, yet you don’t see it in their eyes, but you only hear the desperation in their voices, a disgusting lie. They say I love you to avoid being with you so at the same time you’ll be with them, so they don’t have to know you, only sexually enjoy you. After they lie to you & fuck you up they say they love you out of hopefully getting some luck, because false statements seem to work for them. They say I love you, yet you don’t believe in them, because you see that all they do is take from you & listen to what they do. Although Love is true, what they say should match what they do, especially when they say I love you.




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