What It Means To Be A Strong Woman


Being a strong woman means we control society with choice population, when we choose when to have a baby for the nation.

When we are happy, we’ll take care of you. Love to us, is all we would rather do.

Being a woman we’re the Sun and the Moon, with our changing bodies our scars show us what we have done, knowing mothers have birthed everyone.

When a woman is strong, she can take care of so much, with so much love to give, she deserves attention, appreciation, and a great life to live

When people tell a strong woman things that’ll bring her down, she takes those sharp daggers & melts them into a crown

A strong woman is behind every true leader, men may be the facade, but the woman is the believer

Every woman like this knows true beauty is bliss. Inner light shows through heavenly brilliance. Knowing that curse through hindering resilience.

A woman is more than the house wife who does all your chores, she’s the magic behind the warriors who sore, she’s the lover, the fighter, & the tension inside. Her only regret was to run and hide.

Society maybe against every woman you see, but in reality a woman is free, because she is the true ruler of the natural world & destiny.

With Regards,



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