Even When People Hate You


I like to believe that I’m the type that makes room for sense, unless I just don’t have time for it. But when that time rolls around, I like to figure out the why’s and how comes. I grew up in the country side. Full of rolling green hills, friendly neighbors, and gardens galore. People were happy & even said good morning to you & how are you today? Growing up it was not easy, but it had to be done. After that I moved to Tennessee and for every good place that I’ve been it seems as though there’s a lot more bad. This part of town was very unpleasant. People were racist and would look at you crooked if they see or knew you were different than white. Even if you did grow into a bad shit in the world, a lot of times there are those people that will see you & pay attention. In schools like these, it was rare to find genuine kindness. Everyone’s on aderal, experimenting with drugs and some other bullshit other than love. Even when people hate on you for reasons known or unknown, I still believe that somewhere out there or here, there is someone who can handle your shit, & who can truly love us unconditionally. Look up.

With Regards,



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