Why The Golden Rule Doesn’t Work For Me


I used to make the mistake of treating people how I wanted to be treated, when it ultimately back fired on me. The point is, is that sometimes people will not treat you the way you need to be treated, but you can always treat them the way that’s needed. Tough Love, as they say. I think the moral of the story is Be Yourself, because every time I do, it’s a no fail process. No one gets hurt, in fact people laugh & become much more attracted to you. This morning I made a Nice Cream for a douche bag friend. Nice Cream if you hadn’t heard of it, is when you freeze bananas and add a peach & berries to the mix & crush it all up & it’s super yummy and healthy! Anyways I serve it to him & he pompously replies, I’m not eating that, you know that I eat nothing in the morning. Bitch! Say thank you at least! God, dear Lord, Allah, Buddah, Abraham Lincoln, this man right here makes me so mad. He’s a pompous prick that is fake nice & tryin to teach me things that don’t work. Honey! I’m a financially responsible pro, career havin, paid off school & car loans queen. Light use on the Queen. But anyways, obviously it’s not just that scenario this dude has fucked up on. When I got my stuff stolen he offered me no support, no honest feedback, no nothing. All he had to come up with was his stupid ass philosophy. He just sat there holding himself back, while I had to call the police, call home insurance, call the credit card company, and when I asked for his help, he pushed back and said nope you can do that. Excuse me?? Our roommates had better things to say than this philosophy freak. So HUGE moral of the story? Be honest, take care of yourself that’s all I have to say.

With Regards,



4 thoughts on “Why The Golden Rule Doesn’t Work For Me

  1. Denny Sinnoh says:

    The Golden Rule works in the long term. Don’t strive for perfection. Think of attaining a “statistical average” when treating others fairly.
    Failed Buddhist,

  2. courtneyleighbrown says:

    True, yet I find a happier medium in just being honest, and I treat them genuinely how I feel about them, & not focusing on how I would like to be treated. That to me takes too much energy to focus on plus too many times it has failed. And just being genuine with people has been a 100% no disappointment tactic that just simply works for me. But that’s just me and my path, it could be different for you which I will no doubt respect.

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