The Things That Really Matter


I started this blog as an experiement to help me to heal and let go of my troubled past. Yet at the same time I felt I was reliving my past all over again. So it was so hard to bring up and out. But certain extremely unfortunate situations that we’re brought into light recently put a lot into perspective. The things that have happened to them, is 100x worse than what I have gone through. It breaks my heart to see the horrible occurences that people have lost sight of what truly truly matters in their lives. What really matters is that I forgive you, although it’s not my place to make you forgive anyone else. I just pray we will all see the day that we see the truth of each other & let go and heal the messes of the world. We can’t make the dead walk or liars talk, but what we can do is decide to do what is right rather than doing what was taught to do. Letting us move on from the wars & past mistakes. Love they say is unconditional & although what we see in front of us can be the opposite. Through tragedy & distrust, all those obstacles have a way out. In spirit, you are special to the earth and universe. You mattered to life and for someone to take that away from you simply because of their disconnection from the world they were absolutely wrong for it. You deserved so much better & will be sorely missed.

Rest In Peace The Lives Passed In Gaza

With Regards,



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