How I Dealt With My Anxiety


With anxiety, it’s the type of Bullshit people are obligated to deal with. With everything else that I have to deal with anxiety should not be one of them. I am here to live my life! I want to just live!! I hear myself screaming from within the cage. I don’t want fear to lead me anymore. I started think, “Cortney, what’s going on?” I asked myself. Thinking about it I thought about what I researched before, and I came up with bacteria. Strange, right? But with all of that, why is it when I do a cleanse, my anxiety naturally goes away? Like magic. I don’t think we realize how much power bacteria, parasites, & virus’s have over us. With the numbers that overwhelm the immune system, it will take us down. I honestly think it’s our bodies telling us, hey! something is wrong here! Do something! That inner tremble, I would like to call it, it’s really just about listening to yourself. So with the anxiety 30 minutes before, I calmed. How? With this information. The focus of getting rid of any environment that would damn you. No sweets, no sugars to feed the enemy, cleansing foods such as cloves & celery sticks & drinks such as aloe vera. I did stretching & massaging around the scalp and areas around the nervous system as well as the stomach. I tried anxiety herbs such as passion flower, hops, St. John’s wort, Valerian, Skullcap, Dr. Sebi’s Viento & exercises like belly dancing, & also thinking honestly helps.

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