Dr. Sebi’s Business Has Been Compromised


So unfortunatly Dr. Sebi’s assistant (Nina) has taken away from his business. All information, a lot of his supplies, the computers… this woman went all out on stealing basically everything under the sun from this man. Yet he’s still shown compassion for her. This man is just so amazing, someone he trusted in so much he still does the right thing and has compassion for her & keeps on moving forward. So what this woman does is takes the website and lots of the necessary supplies, then changes the number on the webpage so that she gets all the new clients as well. Damn really? I guess the only upside is that she sells some of the products at a discounted price, but still! Girl get it together! You better know that you done & fucked up!  This is the real contact to support Dr. Sebi for his legit herbal medicines.

Lord help us all,



9 thoughts on “Dr. Sebi’s Business Has Been Compromised

  1. Marvin leftridge says:

    Ive been noticing other people that have ur product and the leaf symbol on there product is different from mine ,mines have a picture of u on them instead of a leaf did u change from the leaf to a picture of u on your products please confirm

  2. Anthony Taylor says:

    I would love to be a part of dr. Sebi Legacy so im written to receive the correct info because im having problems in my life that needs his assistance i want a better life that i could live in this crazy world

  3. Manny Marko says:

    So is it still safe to buy products from Dr. Sebi’s website if its been compromised? Because i dont want to buy some products that says they are going to do something for me but dont do anything at all. Like did this lady that stole everything from Dr. Sebi do anything to the formulas in his products?

  4. michelle says:

    I just purchased some products from his store in Los Angeles. ..Are these the original Dr Sebi products? Are they still the same herbs that he would approve. .

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