Cloves & Banju


I’m in my 2nd month of this cleanse with cloves & I feel so damn good. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and cawing, my skin is glowing, life is so beautiful in the spring time. I finally received the Banju from Dr. Sebi and doing a parasite and bad gut bacterial cleanse with cloves & my digestion is getting back to normal . After coming back from the hospital I was just off. Couldn’t drink or eat anything terrible which forces me to do a great thing. But still! I wanted to drink alcohol some wine, champagne sometime… sheeesh. So anyways looking out of different eyes now, it’s strange but it’s a hell of a lot better than the usual bullshit where I’m seeing out of a criminal’s eyes. Having flashes of visions that you know are bad but your consciousness is so numb that there really is nothing stopping you. I know it’s scary. I never wanted to be that person, but yet I just was. It is not a dream come true, not a choice only a matter of, really, a disease. A real disease. We have to understand one another and know that, to react to this in a way that is true & of pure love, you can and will heal to life again. To how we we’re meant to be. Healthy & LIVING. Please take care of yourselves. Heal & open the doors to your prison cells. Life is for us. We are all here, now all we have to do is fix it to live it.

Stay Blessed,



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