What Women Love About Men


Now I can’t speak for all women so I’m going to ask them to leave comments below to add more detail or to correct me if I’m wrong.



1) Women Love Great doctors, but you don’t have to have a Ph.D. Women love it when a man listens to her problems, to help her solve it and to efficiently take care of her when she is sick, PMSing, menopausal, coping with heartbreak, etc. etc. All in all women love great care takers.


2) Women love men who are themselves!! We don’t like it when guys hold back or how they would really react, we want them to just BE!


3) Women love men with muscle. Someone we could see as our protector, someone that looks like could handle business when needed. If you were to look in the mirror, men, & you can see a hero’s physique then you are definitely loved by one lucky lady… or man whichever.


4) Women love men who are genuinely caring. Your decision to choose to do good things with love & care we will ADORE you! Especially with children, when we see a good role model for children even teenagers, we see a great father figure, all the single mothers and even taken mothers are going to notice you.


5) Women love men who are mature in love. For the men out there that only look like men but act like boys, we will not pursue you, in fact, even if we women are nice to you, I gotta say, it’s mostly because we pity you. That’s all. We do not find baby men sexy at all. If any women says she likes you, but we know your ass is too childish, it’s because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings well because she knows you’ll act like a child about it. Men, be men, because we love it.


6) Women love stable men. Men who are loyal. We love honest men, not insensitive men. Someone we could depend on.


7) Women love clean & healthy men! I don’t know if you notice, but when guys are healthy and clean you have that natural man scent that we fall in love with!


8) Women love men who believe in them. Especially when we feel afraid. We are afraid or angry or sad FOR A REASON. Women have a distinctive intuition unlike men do. So when we genuinely feel off or wrong & we tell you, then just trust us!! Either it’s a danger to us externally or there is something off with our health or we feel the health of others. We want a man to trust us when we feel off, not be under minded & thought of as stupid. We absolutely love men who see what we see.

These are what women love about men. Leave a comment below & tell me what else you love about men!

With Much Regard,



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