I Hate Me Because I Love Life


In my last blog “I hate you, because I love you” I was confused to what was love. But now that I truly know, I think, now I have to edit & write this blog. In the day I was a spiteful, in denial girl. I hated my life. I really did. There was nothing good about it. There was so much imbalance & nothing was being done about it, that every chance I got I exploded. Being in denial, it enrages me to this day. Because if only I was honest and truthful I could have possibly done something and not have been digging deeper into my shit pit. What is love? Love to me, true love is a reaction to good things. Things that make you feel good, heart, mind, soul, and body. It’s the balance of life. What is life. I believe that evil, all that we hate, is simply an unlawful death. A death that is from an imbalance. An action that is not balanced. Stress is an imbalance. Stress produces hate, and we have to use that hate in order to change that imbalance into a comfortable good balance. So do I hate me still? A little, and yet it motivates me to do better in order for me to truly love me again.

With Regards,



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