Herbal Medicine vs. Insanity


Going up to the mountains the other day made me realize something. Wherever I go insanity follows me. Even if I were to go to a tropical island, I would still have crazy images running through my head, paranoia, and the numb feeling inside just waiting for me to connect to reality.  Whatever they call that. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, ADD, ADHD, I mean geez come on world give me a break! Even though I started this blog to help me cope with my reality of the past & present I still feel like I can’t cope. I would get mad & sad & everything in between and I feel like it’s unending. I would get mad for hours for something that happened soooo many years. So then I realized I needed better mental health in order to cope. And trust me to figure that out on my own is a huge accomplishment for me, with the help of, of course, great influences. Taking more cloves to detox and Dr. Sebi herbs I feel like I have the energy to do more than that. But now to live! Reordering some more Banju for my trip next month and for the road trip, I feel so much better that there is a cure for all of my ailments. It feels so blessedly good that I have something to look forward to!

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