Honesty+Health=Double Happiness?

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Health & Honesty

We really don’t teach the future generation enough of it, even our own generation. What do we feed ourselves? What are we feeding the kids? And why does it matter so much? I believe for so many reasons, and really it’s like the same reasons why we don’t eat poisonous mushrooms, because we want to LIVE!!!

Something that I’ve noticed is that, nothing is free. Nothing was ever free. The land that we live on was tilled, protected, and created by powerful men & women. The computer that I’m on & the technology that we use was created by a creative group of geniuses. All your relationships, there is work involved. All your job skills, you created it. But not only that it’s easier for some people because they had the proper health & honest mindset in order to go after what they wanted. To create a good life for themselves and others. Sometimes when you give up you realize things that just didn’t work. But through health and honesty this is the only thing that worked for me. I remember when I would over react and not think twice about it. I was crazy and stupid, and wrong. I couldn’t think, it was hard to be honest with myself I just was a whole lotta crazy. Until I came across my health, my stomach and the damages that are done when you are born with gastroschisis. I had to get myself and my life right in order to be right. I had to research, I had to have the right influences around me, I had to get real honest real fast, before I lose it all. And so I did. It was hard as fuck. I had to cry when I didn’t want to, I had to get angry when I didn’t want to. Nothing mattered anymore, except to make my life good again. And so I did. And now I’m sitting here typing actually loving myself, my love loving me, my friends and family having a better connection. And me not being a shit head anymore. So if you think that’s impossible, just remember my story. A total loser CAN become a total winner.

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