Life has a way to turn around. Maybe one day you’ll be seeing your high school bully or ex relationship down the street or at the corner store & you realize something about those use-to-be-assholes, they’ve changed? They’re smiling, open minded, lovable, and loving. Their charisma is attractive, & you have a strong sense of getting to know them again. Now why the hell is that?? People do change & it is completely possible. The change that we seek is within. I mean literally. There are stresses and illnesses that support assholes. That’s their magic powers in the world, is to create stress and havoc for people, it’s their nature. Yet neutralizing those stresses with health, is the greatest blessing. And it truly changes a person with their pains all gone. I used to be an asshole. A HUGE asshole. I would get hated on for irritating people, and I would say to myself, they don’t understand my pain! They need to understand me! But it’s not their fault that they simply react to who I was. They don’t need to change for simply being honest but I do. I needed to understand myself and the world so that I can be changed and truly be loved & do things of worth. I used herbal medicines for my migraines and inflammation, I used massage for my irritation, I used Aloe Vera for healing my wounds, I used honesty & hiking in parks for the healing of my past, present, & future. Rethinking and reloving myself has changed me for the better.

 With Regards,



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