Feng Shui: Surrounded By Life


Have you ever felt so alive that you feel like you’re floating away or walking on clouds? Many of us know the feeling, the excitement and exhileration of finally, all is good or “in balance” in my world. Life really is good, it’s the suffering that sucks though. But yet did you know that the fear of death is the most common fears in the world? There are people who work on the dead all of the time, in fact when you ask someone working at the morge what it is that they are afraid of, I can guarantee that they will tell you it’s the suffering, not death. Suffering is something to be afraid of. Death is the end to that suffering to quite a few people. There are people who suffer all the time. In fact here in America we’ve got over 800,000 children with no parents or guardian to raise them. They are sent to foster cares and orphanages and not all of them are taken care of to meet their special needs. People say this all the time and I hate it when they do, “they’ll be fine”, and they think that the fact that they went through it they become stronger as an outcome. I’ve got news for you. They are just like you. Obstacles break people no matter how much you tell yourself they don’t. We believe in lies more times than I could count, because we can’t face the truth. The truth is millions of people in our own country are broken, breaking, and dying. We’ve lost contact to life and to the truth of suffering people & why they do. Weak minds want to believe in weak things, and I completely understand them, but what we need to do is give people the truth. This is the reason of why & how I rediscovered feng shui. Feng Shui is full of shit, but not full of shit and I’ll explain what I mean. Because this practice is so old, so many people have taught it falsely like a bad game of telephone. And because people didn’t think before they believed in it, they kept it, and in keeping it the wise people who saw past the bullshit they didn’t believe in it. And I was one of those people. There are a lot of rumors that can ruin a good reputation. Like today, you have to filter through the bullshit to find the truth and I found the truth. Feng Shui is nothing like you think it is. Especially if you haven’t thought about it as long as I have. The Bagua Map is not bullshit but it sure as hell is being used wrong. Check out this link to see what it really is. Moving on, if you’ve ever been your own obstacle you’ll see why people and me myself are so in love with nature. Beautiful nature, things such as gardening, teas, coffee, books, shopping at farmers markets, fun, laughter, these things bring life back to us. We may seem like old farts to you, but to us we do these things for a reason, & you’ll see the benefits in how we are. We are alive. You’ll see it in our eyes, our compassions, and in our stories. Feng Shui is sooo much more than furniture placements, and adding in elements, it is a way of life.

 With Regards,



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